Living There is not Hell, it is the Fire of the Desert. The Plenitude of Life That Stayed There Like a Tree

Directors Statement: “Totoral, called “the oasis of the desert”, is a space that seems inert, but is alive, just like its inhabitants. I want to show, in a metaphorical way, the life of a man in the desert; a man that, for me, is like a tree that is slowly dying.

The track of Copiapó river searches for its mouth and meets Totoral, a town that was born and learnt from their ground, animals, farming and from staying safe. Trees are getting dry, the man is getting old. Waiting for a better future, people are leaving the town of Totoral and it is disappearing. This is how in a fragile nature, almost inert, the desert buries the last farmers of the North of Chile.

Director: Javiera Véliz Fajardo
Company: Productora Pocilga
Executive Producers: Bárbara Pestan Florás
Screenplay: Javiera Véliz Fajardo
Director of Photography: Javiera Véliz Fajardo
Editor: Bárbara Pestan Florás
Sound Design: Bárbara Pestan Florás
Music: Francisco San Román
Cast: Guillermo Morales & Ramón Vega
Duration: 70′




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