Story of My Name

In 1987 Karin Eitel was tortured on TV. My mother named me after her. In 1996, Karin’s parents took a photo of me to give to her. This film is the search for that photograph. This journey is an attempt to reveal a common memory, in which the remembered and forgotten combine, creating a common version of the past.

Directors Statement: This film is a road movie. Visiting the places where I grew up, using collected home video footage, I try to reconstruct the memories of my childhood. In a reflexive nostalgic tone, I talk about oblivion from the point of view of those of us who grew up in democracy.

Director: Karin Cuyul
Company: Cinestación 6 Pequén Producciones
Executive Producers: Joséphine Schroeder
Producers: Dominga Sotomayor, Omar Zuñiga, Karin Cuyul & Joséphine Schroeder
Co-producers: 3 Moinhos (Brazil)
Screenplay: Karin Cuyul
Director of Photography: Felipe Bello
Editor: Nicolas Tabilo & Catalina Marín
Sound Design: Roberto Collío
Duration: 90′




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