“Lemebel” is an intimate and plastic biography of one of the most important contemporary artists and writers of the Hispanic world. Through extensive photographic and video files the doors of his home will open so that we can review his past and his less known artistic side; the plastic artist.

From his homosexual reality, demand concepts regarding memory, human rights and sexuality, and also a place within the democratic dialog. We will be at that place that very few can see. We will reveal his biggest achievements and sorrows. We will witness how he struggled with the cancer that took his life. “Such is life, I was running away from AIDS and cancer got me”. We will be with him in his last presentations and observe how he held on to life, creating even his last breaths.

Dirección y Guión: Joanna Reposi
Producción: Paz Urrutia y Joanna Reposi
Casa productora: Solita producciones




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