Dry Martina

Martina used to be a famous singer in Argentina, but after her last break-up, she’s lost the ability to sing, and even worse, to enjoy sex. The arrival of a Chilean fan (along with her boyfriend) who believes she is her sister, compels Martina to follow her and her boyfriend to Chile, where she gets a second chance at love and family.

“I want to show the idiosyncrasies of two geographically close but culturally disimilar countries, in a comedy of situations and complex characters. The lead character identifies sex as the catalyst of her traumas, when the actual root of her problems are emotional, not sexual”, Che Sandoval.

Director: Che Sandoval
Producers: Florencia Larrea & Gregorio González
Executive Producers: Lucas Engel & Francisca Barraza
Company: Forastero & Rizoma (Argentina)
Screenplay: Che Sandoval
Director of Photography: Benjamín Echazarreta
Production Design: Nicolás Oyarce
Cast: Antonella Costa, Pedro Campos, Geraldine Neary (Dindi Jane) & Patricio Contreras
Company: Forastero & Rizoma (Argentina)
Duration: 106′



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