Claudia Huaiquimilla

Director, screenwriter, and executive producer. She directed the short film San Juan, the Longest Night in 2012, which was chosen as Best National Short Fiction Film at FEMCINE in 2013. Her indigenous Mapuche roots and her childhood were the themes she was interested in approaching in this work, which also won the Pedro Sienna Award in 2013 and the prize for best short film in the 19th edition of the Valdivia International Film Festival, as well as obtaining other recognitions.

In 2016, her first feature film Bad Influence was awarded in the tenth edition of Guadalajara Construye, the Industry and Market section of the Guadalajara International Festival, dedicated to supporting filmmakers with important awards for the finalization, promotion, and distribution of films in their post-production phase.

Bad Influence, produced by Lanza Verde and Pinda Productions, tells the story of Alejandro (17), a rebellious teenager from Santiago who is caught breaking the law and sent to the south of Chile into the hands of his father, Javier (40). There, while running away from the discipline that his father attempts to impose on him, Alejandro meets Eliseo (14), an introverted young member of the local Mapuche community who suffers from bullying at school due to his indigenous background. Following the death of a young Mapuche under suspicious circumstances, Alejandro and Eliseo join in a fight against the violence unfolding in the region.

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